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Project Management

The company is capable of providing project management services. We can do most projects from R1 000 000 to large projects depending on the client’s needs. We can do the following services:

The Construction Monitoring

  • Monitor the outputs from another party’s or contractor’s quality assurance programme, against the requirements of the plans and specifications.

  • Visit the works at frequent intervals as agreed with the client to review important materials, critical work procedures and / or completed elements or components.

  • Be available to advice contractors on the technical interpretation of the plans and specifications.

  • Maintain a full-time or part-time presence on site as agreed with the client to review random samples random samples and review important completed work prior to enclosure or on completion as appropriate. To constantly review (a) work procedures and (b) construction materials for compliance with the requirements of the plans and specifications and review completed work.

  • Review the contractors’ quality management systems or quality assurance systems.

  • The overall co-ordination, programming of design, construction and financial control of the projects.

  • Resolution of differences that may arise between the client and contractors, excluding mediation, arbitration or litigation.

  • Approval of certificates for payment to contractors, before they are presented to the client.

  • Approval of the final contract account for the project as a whole.

  • Carrying out the administration of the project as is necessary on behalf of the client.

  • Make arrangements to provide client with such record drawings as may be required for the proper record of the works as constructed and such manuals as may be required for the operation and maintenance of the revant part of the works.

Technical Training

  • Our notion of capacity building takes into consideration the improved capacity of the local residents to take part in projects we are active in and in similar projects in the future.

  • Training can be either formal or informal and it is provided in various aspects of the construction. In electrification terms the following programs are available:

    • Aerial Bundle Conductor installation

    • Metering and house connections

    • Streetlighting installation

    • Stores management

    • LV cable jointing

    • Sub-transmission tower earthing

  • Courses are designed to suit the project and to fulfil an identified need. Capacity Buiding

Capacity Buiding

Isidingo Electrical utilizes numerous sub-contractors in the execution of their projects.

In general, Isidingo Electrical is doing the outmost to reflect the ownership of the company by supporting other ventures owned by PDIs.

Financial Capability

Facilities with some of the main suppliers include:


Voltex Group

First Tech Group

CuAl Engineering


R 5 000 000

R 400 000

R 2 500 000


Cable, accessories, wire-ways, channels etc.

Cable, accessories, wire-ways, channels etc.

Cable, accessories, wire-ways, channels etc.


The above facilities are flexible and can be increased. We have credit facilities with other suppliers that are not mentioned above.

Site Organization

Isidingo Electrical possess the capability to manage large project organisations, and it is the strategy of the company to maintain a dynamic organisation structure capable of managing the actual requirements. The construction teams for this project will be constituted in a manner to suit the effective execution of the project.

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